Saturday, December 20, 2008

Family Christmas Party!!

Last Saturday we went to my Family Christmas Party! My moms side of the family has always been really close and we look forward to this party every year.

We eat dinner, have a visit from Santa and then of course DANCE!! Dancing is always a must with this family!

This year instead of hiring a DJ, Jim took on the task. He did a fantastic job! The family did the Cha Cha Slide, The limbo, a game of copy whatever Mark does, the twist and more. There were dance offs and prizes for the winners!

All of the kids received a bag of goodies from Santa including a stuffed bear. Even my Grandma sat on Santa's lap. This was not hard to convince Grandma to do because she loves all men...hehe. This year Santa was so great, it even made me BELIEVE!

Overall it was a fantastic night. I love my family so much and enjoy spending time with all of them. Its been so fun to share these events with Tyrone and the girls and watch them build relationships with my family. Thanks to everyone who put this together and helped with the yummy food!

I had to giggle when Tyrone took his shoes off and I noticed he was wearing bright purple socks(the picture doesn't do them justice)! He said he was wearing them because it was cold outside. Well, it keeps snowing and getting colder outside so does that mean we will see Tyrone in a dress and heels soon!?!?!

A "Starr" Day

This last Saturday Ashley said was on of her "best days ever"! It started with her last basketball game where she made her first basket!! The crowd all cheered!! They won the game and her teammates were good to tell her they could not have won without her. the couch gave each of the player a jazz banner. He bought a special pink one for Ashley since she was the only girl on the team.

That afternoon she had her first piano recital. She played two Christmas songs and did a fantastic job! It has been fun to see Ashley push past her fears and really shine.

We hurried from the piano recital to a family party where she sat on Santa's lap and enjoyed playing and dancing with cousins. What a fun day!

A little bit of Heaven??

This Thanksgiving we had just Kaitlyn with us. We decided to visit Tyrone's dads grave, which we do on most holidays. I took a quick picture of Tyrone and Kaitlyn and loved how it came out with the sun coming through the trees!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Here's a gooey, romantic game of tag.Here's how it works: I will answer questions about Tyrone. At the end of the post, I'll tag 3 people and post their names. Then, those three people can do the same thing on their own blog and so on and so forth. Feel free to do this on your blog anyway - even if you're not tagged!

*What is your husband's name? Tyrone Grant
*How long have you guys been married? 2 1/2 yrs
*How long did you date? 8 months
*How old is he? 39
*Who is taller? definitely him
Who can sing the best? ME!! actually I haven't heard him sing much, he is too busy telling me to stop
*Who is smarter?me again. ( did u say who is smarter or who is always right?)
*Who pays the bills? Me
*Who does the laundry? Usually him! I do help a little...I sort the clothes
*Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Him but i sleep on the correct side
*Who mows the lawn? He does. I do sometimes but I dont get the lines straight enough for him
*Who cooks dinner? usually The Pizza Place, Mcdonalds haha...we both cook
*Who is the first to admit when they're wrong? We are both extremely stubborn so neither
*Who kissed who first? it was mutual
*Who wears the pants? Definitely ME!! lol

(thanks Kristen!)
So now I am tagging Tiffannie, Stephanie & Reggie

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Girls Night!

The other night Lexy and I were driving to grab dinner for the family and she asked me what is the longest i have been friends with someone and who my oldest friend is. I was surprised myself when I answered "I have been friends with Kristen for 28 years!" We met when we were 4 years old and still see each other now. Along with Kristen, the group we hung around with through jr high and high school still try to get together periodically. This last Friday night we had a "girls night" and my house. We had dinner and played games. It was so much fun we have decided to make it a monthly event. I am lucky to have so many good friends!!

Christmas Time...Bah Humbug

I finally gave in! I have been avoiding buying a tree for a couple of years now. Before meeting Tyrone and the girls I had three small trees that i would set up with ribbon and lights and it worked great for my single life! Well for the last couple of years I have been trying to convince everyone else that we don't need a new tree... I finally caved. I dont know why but I am a bit of a scrooge this time of year. Maybe its the fact that i am not a big fan of the cold winter in general or maybe it is just the stress and let down of Christmas that i get caught up in. But I have realized that my irritations of others forgetting the true meaning of Christmas has caused me to forget it also. So last weekend we bought our first Christmas tree as a family! Tyrone and I assembled the tree and then, with a little instruction, the girls decorated it! It was SO much fun! Since Tyrone has been married before we really enjoy all the "firsts" we share as a family! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Ty enjoying the boat ride on Lake Superior

Ty enjoying the boat ride on Lake Superior

Tyrone in Duluth

Tyrone in Duluth